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viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2016

FSX/P3D Navaids update

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These updates are for FSX and P3D only (all versions including now P3D v3) and include aeronautical data that are referenced by the latest aeronautical information (AIPs).
The FSX/P3D World Navaids package will update navigational aids (VORs, NDBs) in selectable world areas (worldwide coverage). A multi-platform installer is provided and all original files are saved and can be restored. A PDF documentation is included. Be aware of some limitations/problems that may occur for those still using FS integrated flight planning (obsolete) or map view. See chapter 5 of documentation for details.In Europe region, all data (VORs, NDBs, ILSs, runway identifiers, approach lighting systems, PAPIs, en route intersections and airways) are corrected.
In other regions, only VORs and NDBs are updated; consequently, in those regions, a few NDBs (those that are embedded in airport BGL files) will remain untouched resulting in a very few discrepancies. ILS/Rwy regional updates will be needed to correct other data (ILSs, rwy identifiers, embedded NDBs). See below.

ILS/Rwy regional updates will correct ILSsrunway identifiersmarkers and all embedded NDBs in other regions than Europe. In the US, lightings and PAPIs are also corrected. An automatic installer is provided. Note that each region can be installed separately; a worldwide update is also available (except for Europe that is already covered by the World Navaids package). See the included readme.txt files for more details and the coverage map. Note that installer will backup original files that can be restored at any time.
Some answers to FAQ regarding navaid updates here.


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