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All Weather Operations at Aerodromes

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All Weather Operations at Aerodromes

All Weather Operations at Aerodromes

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All Weather Operations at Aerodromes

European Guidance Material on All Weather Operations at Aerodromes (4th edition)


1. The principles of the Low Visibility Procedures and the basis for All-Weather Operations in Europe have been defined in the ICAO Manual of All-Weather Operations (Doc No. 9365, 2nd Edition, 1991) and previously in ECAC.CEAC Doc No. 17.

2. When the requirement to implement the ICAO Global Strategy for introduction and application of non-visual aids to approach and landing was set up, the European Air Navigation Planning Group (EANPG) established the All Weather Operations Group (AWOG) which was tasked to deal with the related matters and manage the transition in the EUR region.
3. ...

The purpose of this Guidance Material is to assist EUR States in the development of procedures to be applied in Reduced Aerodrome Visibility Conditions (RAVC) and the implementation of Low Visibility Procedures (LVP) in a harmonised way.

With due account taken to provisions enacted by the appropriate authorities, this Guidance Material may also be used by aerodrome operators, and those responsible for providing other facilities and equipment, to assess the suitability of an aerodrome for All Weather Operations (AWO), to determine the steps to be taken to prepare an aerodrome for AWO, and to maintain these operations safely. Similarly, this Guidance Material may also be used by providers of ANS & Apron Management Services to ensure that the relevant procedures required for such operations comply with requirements established by the appropriate authorities. This document will provide guidance on the interpretation and application of these requirements to achieve these aims and objectives.

Structure of this guidance material:
Chapter 1: About this guidance material: describes the purpose and scope of this Guidance Material.
Chapter 2: Regulatory framework: identifies the supporting regulatory framework which must also be considered in the development of All Weather Operations.
Chapter 3: Introduction to All Weather Operations: provides an introduction to the concepts and procedures that are used in conjunction with All Weather Operations.
Chapter 4: Provisions to support All Weather Operations: this section details the requirements relating to the need for (but not operation of) any equipment, facilities, services, and procedures that have to be in place before AWO can take place in accordance with the applicable ICAO frameworks.
Chapter 5: Preparing a local All Weather Operations Plan: A description of an organisation to establish and maintain the All Weather Operations Plan.
Chapter 6: Reduced Aerodrome Visibility Procedures: Describes the procedures to support operations in Reduced Aerodrome Visibility Conditions.
Chapter 7: Low Visibility Procedures: Describes the LVP required when specific types of departure and approach and landing operations take place.
Chapter 8: Optimised Operations
Chapter 9: GBAS
Chapter 10: Safety Management of All Weather Operations
Appendix A: Samples of AIP Entries
Appendix B: Equipment Failure Tables
Appendix C: Examples of AWO Checklists


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