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viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

Cessna Citation Mustang - Flight Planning Guide

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This Flight Planning Guide is published for the purpose of providing specific information for evaluating the performance of the Cessna Citation Mustang (Model 510).

This guide is developed from data contained in the Citation Mustang Aircraft Flight Manual and Operating Manual. This document is not to be used in place of the FAA approved Aircraft Flight Manual or the Operating Manual. The data included herein does not constitute an offer and is subject to change without notice.

Crédito: Cessna Aircraft Company

Jeppesen - GFD Private Pilot DVD Video Course

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Now, you can get the industrys best video ground school with stunning DVD quality. The Jeppesen Private Pilot Video Series on DVD is an integral part of the award winning Guided Flight Discovery Pilot Training System. The DVD menu follows the Jeppesen syllabus exactly, so you can jump directly to the lesson youre studying or review lessons that need more work. The Jeppesen Private Pilot Video Series on DVD gives you quick and easy access to the following Topics:
Airplane Systems 
Aerodynamic Principles 
The Flight Environment 
Communication And Flight Information 
Meteorology For Pilots 
Interpreting Weather Data 
Airplane Performance 
Applying Human Factors Principles 
The Maneuvers Section brings you complete coverage of the Private Pilot Maneuvers from Preflight to Postflight, including exciting in flight footage. Its like having a flight instructor on call to provide personal preflight briefings in your home. Save flight time and money by walking through your flight lessons as many times as needed before heading for the airport. The Manuevers Section includes the following topics: 
Ground Operations 
Basic Maneuvers 
Airport Operations 
Emergency Landing Procedures 
Flight Maneuvers 
Ground Reference Maneuvers 
Performance Takeoffs And Landings 
Special Flight Operations 
Contains over 10 hours of dynamic content. 
Crédito: Jeppesen

Safety Publications / Articles

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animated gif how to


  • Aircraft Deicing and Anti-icing Equipment
  • Aircraft Icing
  • Thunderstorms and ATC
  • WeatherWise


  • Spatial Disorientation


  • Airspace for Everyone
  • Pilot's Guide to the Flight Review
  • Federal Aviation Regulations


  • Engine Operations
  • GPS from the Ground Up
  • Propeller Safety

Operations and Proficiency

  • Collision Avoidance
  • Do the Right Thing—Decision Making for Pilots
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Fuel Awareness
  • Lights-Out
  • Maneuvering Flight—Hazardous to Your Health?
  • Mastering Takeoffs and Landings
  • Mountain Flying
  • Operations at Nontowered Airports
  • Operations at Towered Airports
  • Say Intentions...When You Need ATCs Help
  • Single-Pilot IFR
  • Volunteer Pilots: Recommendations for Safety


  • Instructor's Guide to the Pre-solo Written Test

Crédito: AOPA

ILS Approach Editing Tutorial FS2004 FSX

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ILS Approach Editing Tutorial. This is a little tutorial (illustrated text in PDF format) on creating ILS approaches using ADE9x and getting them to work with flightsim ATC. It also contains a few notes on flying ILS approaches. The reason this tutorial was created is that the author had such a heck of time getting this to work (adding ILS approaches for runways that had none in the past, and getting ATC to use them), so the tutorial is offered to spare others following the same path some of the troubles and headaches. The tutorial is specifically addressed to FS2004, but almost everything in it should also apply to FSX. To read the tutorial you will need a PDF reader - Acrobat Reader, etc.

Crédito: Ken Leedham


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