viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

ILS Approach Editing Tutorial FS2004 FSX

ILS Approach Editing Tutorial. This is a little tutorial (illustrated text in PDF format) on creating ILS approaches using ADE9x and getting them to work with flightsim ATC. It also contains a few notes on flying ILS approaches. The reason this tutorial was created is that the author had such a heck of time getting this to work (adding ILS approaches for runways that had none in the past, and getting ATC to use them), so the tutorial is offered to spare others following the same path some of the troubles and headaches. The tutorial is specifically addressed to FS2004, but almost everything in it should also apply to FSX. To read the tutorial you will need a PDF reader - Acrobat Reader, etc.

Crédito: Ken Leedham