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jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011

737 NGX PMDG Captain's Flight Manual

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The PMDG 737-NGX Captain's Flight Deck Manual Set is the perfect collection of manuals for the aspiring PMDG 737-NGX Captain.

This package includes:

  • PMDG 737-NGX Introduction
  • PMDG 737-NGX Tutorial
  • PMDG 737-NGX Flight Crew Operating Manual V.1
  • PMDG 737-NGX Flight Crew Operating Manual V.2
  • PMDG 737-NGX Flight Crew Training Manual
  • PMDG 737-NGX Quick Reference Handbook

PMDG 737-NGX Quick Reference HandbookThe PMDG 737-NGX Flight Crew Operating Manual makes a wonderful reference to help new PMDG 737-NGX simulation owners become familiar with 737 operating procedures.

Crédito: PMDG

Checklists todos los aviones

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Thumbnail for version as of 21:07, 6 November 2005

717-200 Checklist727-200 Checklist737-200 Checklist737-200 Checklist737-400 Checklist737-400 Checklist737-700 Checklist737-800 Checklist747-200 Checklist747-400 Checklist747-400 Checklist747-400 Checklist747SP Checklist757-200 Checklist767-400 Checklist777-200 Checklist777-300 Checklist777-300 Checklist7E7

CRJ700 ChecklistLearjet 45 ChecklistLearjet 60

CL215 ChecklistCL415 ChecklistCL415 ChecklistCT-114 Tutor Checklist

Cessna 150H ChecklistCessna 152 ChecklistCessna 172 ChecklistCessna 172RG-S ChecklistCessna 172SP ChecklistCessna 172SP Cessna 182S ChecklistCessna 185 ChecklistCessna 208 ChecklistCessna 208B ChecklistCessna 310 ChecklistCitation C500 ChecklistCitation C520 ChecklistCitation C560 ChecklistCitation C680 ChecklistCitation X Checklist


Falcon 2000 ChecklistFalcon 50 Checklist

Dash 7 ChecklistDash 7 ChecklistDHC 2 ChecklistDHC-2 Beaver (wheel) ChecklistDHC-2 Beaver Mk ChecklistDHC-2 Turb Beaver MkIII ChecklistDHC-3 Otter ChecklistDHC-6 Twin Otter ChecklistDHC-6 Twin Otter ChecklistDHC-6 Twin Otter Checklist

DC-3 ChecklistR4D-6 NATS Checklist


Fokker 100 ChecklistFokker 100 ChecklistFokker 70 ChecklistFokker 70 Checklist

Legacy 2000

Lear 35 ChecklistLear 35 ChecklistLear 45 ChecklistLear 45 Checklist

C130 Hercules ChecklistElectra 10 ChecklistElectra 10A ChecklistHoward 500 ChecklistHoward 500 ChecklistL1011 ChecklistL-1049G Super Constellation ChecklistSuper Constellation ChecklistSuper Constellation L-1049G

Maule M7-260C Orion

DC-10 ChecklistDC-6 ChecklistDC-8 ChecklistDC-8 ChecklistDC-8-500 ChecklistDC-8-600 ChecklistDC-8-700 ChecklistDC-9 ChecklistMD Super 80 ChecklistMD-11 ChecklistMD-80 ChecklistR4D (C47/DC3) Checklist

Bravo ChecklistBravo ChecklistBravo

PC12 ChecklistPC12 ChecklistPC6 Turbo Porter

PA23 Aztec ChecklistPA24 Comanche ChecklistPA28 Warrior III ChecklistPA31 Navajo ChecklistWarrior III


Saab 2000

TB20 ChecklistTB20 Checklist




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