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jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Sportys VOR Simulator

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Our VOR*SIM™ makes mastering VOR navigation simple and inexpensive. Our software is an interactive, graphical VOR simulator that allows the user to drag the aircraft anywhere, rotate the OBS knob and locate aircraft positions exactly as it would be done in the aircraft. The software also allows the user to switch between traditional or original versions of the OBS instrument. Other features include an OBS demonstration, DME tool, VOR transmitter demonstration and explanation, and a complete VOR history and explanation assistant. There is also a "Find Aircraft" feature, which randomly positions the aircraft, then hides it from view so that the user can locate its position. This software was developed by a veteran FAA Certified Ground Instructor and is in use in FAA Part 141 Ground School courses. (PC only).

Crédito: Fly Anything Inc

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