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martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011

Cockpit Secrets

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“Flying is much safer than you might think.”

A 2 hour documentary about challenging situations and emergencies performed in a special flight simulator with real pilots.


See an amazing 737NG cockpit based on FS2004 in action!

Using a special, full-size Boeing 737NG cockpit and with the participation of real world pilots, Cockpit Secrets features simulated situations that you can never (or very rarely) see on real flights or in other cockpit videos. The documentary explains that there are precise procedures for virtually every emergency, and flying remains absolutely safe - even in case of failures or challenging weather conditions.

Thanks to the simple narration and over 30 animated illustrations, Cockpit Secrets can be enjoyed and understood by anyone, and there is no doubt that those interested in aviation and flight simulators will also find this documentary absolutely fascinating.


The Simulator and the Pilots
Landing in Fog (a CAT IIIb approach)
Going Around
Aborted Takeoff
Engine Fire (after V1)
Problems in the Wheel Well (plus alternate flap extension)
Engine Restart in Flight (Crossbleed)
Gliding in an Airliner
Steep Descent (Innsbruck)
A Perfect Turn (Madeira)

Crédito: Gábor Fischer, Péter Gelléri

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