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jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

737 Authorware CBT

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This Pilot Guide is designed to acquaint you with the Flight Dynamics Head-Up Guidance System (HGSâ) installed on Boeing 737-NG (PFD/ND) aircraft. It provides a description of the HGS, the modes of operation and HGS symbology. It also discusses HGS flight operational procedures and how to operate the HGS system through a typical flight profile.

The HGS is an electronic and optical system with unique features for displaying information in the pilot's forward field of view. The display is focused at optical infinity with flight and navigational data displayed to overlay the outside world in an accurate one-for-one relationship. The system is FAA certified for all phases of flight and has met the requirements for Low Visibility Takeoffs and manual Category I, II and IIIa approach and landings.

Crédito: Flight Dynamics

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