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martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011

377 Stratocruiser Boeing Pilot´s Handbook

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The A2A Wings of Silver Stratocruiser is unlike any aircraft you have flown in Microsoft Flight Simulator. From the very beginning we here on the A2A team knew that this aircraft was something special, not just in look and design, but in the way the team came together over what initially we believed was quite an odd yet large aircraft.
Many in the team initially had never heard of the Stratocruiser, and many of us also agreed at how odd the “double bubble” shape looked. As time went on, we began to realize the special place the Stratocruiser holds in history, and just how influential it is to today's modern airliners. Many features first realized in the Stratocruiser have become the standard for nearly all commercial aircraft built to date.
In a way, the Stratocruiser is a representation of A2A's dedication at creating the most realistic simulation possible of such an amazing and important aircraft. A2A has crafted and pioneered many new technologies for this aircraft which is the first release and flagship in the Wings of Silver flight simulation line of software simulations for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Never before has the team worked so diligently to produce what we feel is the most accurate simulator of a
true “classic” airliner.
Please take a look at some of the new features listed below and take the time to experience every one of them in the simulator. We feel confident that you, like us, will agree that the A2A Wings of Silver Stratocruiser is indeed an amazing aircraft.

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