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Jeppesen E6-B Flight Computer Manual

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This instruction booklet can be used with the three different E6-B models available from ASA. If you have a different model than the one depicted, some parts of your computer may appear slightly different from the computers pictured in this booklet. However, the calculations are accomplished with the same method and produce the same answers.

Crédito: Jeppesen

Safety Publications / Articles

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animated gif how to


  • Aircraft Deicing and Anti-icing Equipment
  • Aircraft Icing
  • Thunderstorms and ATC
  • WeatherWise


  • Spatial Disorientation


  • Airspace for Everyone
  • Pilot's Guide to the Flight Review
  • Federal Aviation Regulations


  • Engine Operations
  • GPS from the Ground Up
  • Propeller Safety

Operations and Proficiency

  • Collision Avoidance
  • Do the Right Thing—Decision Making for Pilots
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Fuel Awareness
  • Lights-Out
  • Maneuvering Flight—Hazardous to Your Health?
  • Mastering Takeoffs and Landings
  • Mountain Flying
  • Operations at Nontowered Airports
  • Operations at Towered Airports
  • Say Intentions...When You Need ATCs Help
  • Single-Pilot IFR
  • Volunteer Pilots: Recommendations for Safety


  • Instructor's Guide to the Pre-solo Written Test

Crédito: AOPA

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Instrument Flying HandBook

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This Instrument Flying Handbook is designed for use by instrument flight instructors and pilots preparing for instrument rating tests. Instructors may find this handbook a valuable training aid as it includes basic reference material for knowledge testing and instrument flight training.

Crédito: FAA and industry effort

Approach Guides

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All information included in this guide is for the purpose of the Microsoft Flight Simulator series only and should not be used for real world endeavours. Content: Instrument Landing System (ILS) Guide, Common Questions regarding the ILS, VOR Approach Information, NDB / ADF Approach Information, GPS Approach Guide, Disclaimer and Information.

Crédito: 99jolegg

Extended Range Operation Two Engine Airplanes

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ETOPS is an acronym for Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards, an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standard and Recommended Practice (SARP) permitting twin-engined commercial air transporters to fly routes that, at some points, are farther than a distance of 60 minutes' flying time from an emergency or diversion airport. 
This rule allows twin-engined airliners—such as the Airbus A300, A310, A320, A330 and A350 families, the Boeing 737, 757, 767 and 777, and the Embraer E-Jets —to fly long-distance routes that were previously off-limits to twin-engined aircraft. ETOPS operation has no direct correlation to water nor distance over water. It refers to single-engine flight times between diversion airfields—regardless as to whether such fields are separated by water or land.
ETOPS may be replaced by a newer system, referred to as LROPS or "Long Range Operational Performance Standards", which will affect all civil airliners, not just those with a twin-engine configuration. Until the mid-1980s, the term EROPS (extended range operations) was used before being superseded by ETOPS usage. Currently, the ETOPS term is commonly used for operations previously described as LROPS or EROPS.

Crédito: Extended Twin Engine Operations

ATR 72 FMS and MMMS Operator's Training Manual

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This manual is to provide the reader with a basic understanding of the system(s) described. For detailed and current information regarding operation of equipment, refer to the appropriate UNS Operator’s Manual or Technical Manual.

Crédito: Universla Avionics

Aviation English For Air Traffic Controllers

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This course is confined to teaching the technical terms used in air traffic control. Before taking this course, therefore, students must have studied English to an advanced level. 

Crédito: Fred Mesquita

Private Pilot (PPL) Ground School Manual

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It is intended to teach the basics of flying and was written with the flight simulation pilot in mind. This PPL ground school manual, the course TASK outline, the FAA “Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge” and the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), make up some of the study materials to help you, the student, learn the basics of aviation and flight simulation flying.

Crédito: Scott Clarke, George Lewis

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Smoke System Adjustment for Dassault Falcon 50 FSX

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Smoke System Adjustment For Dassault Falcon 50 version 1.1 (2011) by Yannick Lavigne, Fred Banting, Rob Young, Eric Dantes, Andre, Ludovic, Gilles, Loic, Philippe Wallaert, Don Bodenstedt (and probably others as well). This adjustment moves the three smoke trails to the proper locations at the three engines' exhaust ports.

Crédito: Tom Tiedman

SR20 Cirus Airplane Information Manual

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This section contains information of general interest to pilots and owners. You will find the information useful in acquainting yourself with the airplane, as well as in loading, fueling, sheltering, and handling the airplane during ground operations. Additionally, this section contains definitions or explanations of symbols, abbreviations, and terminology used throughout this handbook.

• Note •
For specific information regarding the organization of this Handbook, revisions, supplements, and procedures to be used to obtain revision service for this handbook, refer to the “Foreword” immediately following the title page.

Crédito: Cirrus Design Corporation

747-400 Aircraft Operations Manual First Edition

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Welcome to the Delta Virtual Airlines’ Aircraft Operating Manual (AOM) for the Boeing 747-400.
The AOM is based upon the DVA Fleet Installer. We are always seeking to improve the accuracy of the AOM.
Should you have questions about the specifics of this airplane or this manual, you should create a Help Desk issue at our website, www.deltava.org.
Should you have questions about aviation in general, creating a Help Desk issue is the best course of action to take. The training department and Flight Academy personnel will do their best to answer your questions.
If you are new to flying and would like to learn training that is modeled after real world training, you can sign up for flight instruction in the DVA Flight Academy.
Crédito: Delta Airlines

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MD-82 MadDog Cold and Dark Cockpit

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The McDonnell Douglas MD80 Series – unfortunately later on part of the Boeing Commercial Airplanes group – is a quiet, fuel-efficient twinjet, which was certified by the Federal Aviation Administration in August 1980 and entered airline service in October 1980. Its Pratt & Whitney JT8D-200 Series engines, combined with its efficient aerodynamic design, allow the MD-80 to meet all current noise regulations while producing operating costs among the lowest in commercial aviation.

Crédito: Lorenzo Beltrani

Avidyne Entegra Freeplay Simulator

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Avidyne Entegra brings affordable, state-of-the-art, WAAS-compatible integrated display capability to the business and general aviation flight deck.

Crédito: Avidyne

737 Light & Switch Guide

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The Avsoft B737-200 Lights and Switch Guide is a visual software CD-ROM designed to help you quickly become familiar with all cockpit panels and their individual components. It offers great review information for pilots already qualified on the aircraft as well as for those who want to quickly review before their oral exam. The Lights & Switch Guide is a graphical review of all the cockpit lights, switches, and indications. It not only features detailed, photorealistic graphics, but it provides the option to access information sequentially or randomly.

Crédito: Avsoft

Oxford Aviation Academy

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Jeppesen and Atlantic Flight Training team to bring you the most current set of JAA ATPL training books on the market. Available individually, or as a value-priced 15 book set, this material is the result of nearly one year of dedicated development work. Jeppesen and AFT are both trusted leaders in their respective fields with over 50 years of combined experience in pilot training. The philosophy of both companies is to train pilots to fly, not just pass the exams. To this end, the material is thorough and comprehensive, yet the books utilize full-color graphics and diagrams that make complex topics easier to grasp. Check out the sample pages and get more detail about each volume with the links below. The set contains nearly 4,000 pages.

Crédito: Osford Aviation, Jeppesen

Book 1- Oxford Aviation

Book 2 - Airframes And Systems Red

Book 3 - Electrics And Electronics

Book 4 - Powerplant

Book 5 - Instrumentation

Book 6 - Mass & Balance And Perfomance

Book 7 - Flight Planning And Monitoring

Book 8 - Human Performance & Limitations

Book 9 - Meteorology

Book 10 -  General Navigation

Book 11 - Radio Navigation

Book 12 - Operational Procedures

Book 13 - Principles Of Flight

Book 14 - Communication

Book 15 - Reference Material

Theory PPSC - Instrumentation & Electronics

A350 XWB – Training for the Future

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  • Technology of the A350 will not be the main driver in the new training concept.
  • Feedback and experience from the A380 will be used to improve existing training concept. 
  • Availability of new technology in the training media is an important element.
  • Industry efforts on training will be implemented.
  • Customers and authorities will be part of the whole conception process.

Crédito: Airbus, Presented by: Capt. Michel Landrin

Jeppesen - GFD Private Pilot DVD Video Course

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Now, you can get the industrys best video ground school with stunning DVD quality. The Jeppesen Private Pilot Video Series on DVD is an integral part of the award winning Guided Flight Discovery Pilot Training System. The DVD menu follows the Jeppesen syllabus exactly, so you can jump directly to the lesson youre studying or review lessons that need more work. The Jeppesen Private Pilot Video Series on DVD gives you quick and easy access to the following Topics:
Airplane Systems 
Aerodynamic Principles 
The Flight Environment 
Communication And Flight Information 
Meteorology For Pilots 
Interpreting Weather Data 
Airplane Performance 
Applying Human Factors Principles 
The Maneuvers Section brings you complete coverage of the Private Pilot Maneuvers from Preflight to Postflight, including exciting in flight footage. Its like having a flight instructor on call to provide personal preflight briefings in your home. Save flight time and money by walking through your flight lessons as many times as needed before heading for the airport. The Manuevers Section includes the following topics: 
Ground Operations 
Basic Maneuvers 
Airport Operations 
Emergency Landing Procedures 
Flight Maneuvers 
Ground Reference Maneuvers 
Performance Takeoffs And Landings 
Special Flight Operations 
Contains over 10 hours of dynamic content. 
Crédito: Jeppesen

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ILS Approach Editing Tutorial FS2004 FSX

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ILS Approach Editing Tutorial. This is a little tutorial (illustrated text in PDF format) on creating ILS approaches using ADE9x and getting them to work with flightsim ATC. It also contains a few notes on flying ILS approaches. The reason this tutorial was created is that the author had such a heck of time getting this to work (adding ILS approaches for runways that had none in the past, and getting ATC to use them), so the tutorial is offered to spare others following the same path some of the troubles and headaches. The tutorial is specifically addressed to FS2004, but almost everything in it should also apply to FSX. To read the tutorial you will need a PDF reader - Acrobat Reader, etc.

Crédito: Ken Leedham


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