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domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

How to fly in Spain

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What does the spanish law say?

The Spanish Aviation Civil Authority requirements.

This is the original text from the official regulation issued on 1986. The title of this regulation is the following: Orden de 24 de abril de 1986 (BOE de 7 de mayo de 1986). The text afected is the Artículo 17, part c).

Here is the traslation:

c) Any possessor, Spanish or foreigner, of a title of Ultralight Pilot, issued by a foreign country will be able to make flights within the national territory temporarily, whenever this title goes accompanied of a valid license of aptitude and it does not exceed a period of time of more than two years."

Nevertheless our authorities may claim for the spanish law compliance as the same level as spanish pilots. This means for example that it will be callable the Class 2 Medical Certificate where in many european countries is not necessary.

How to apply for a permission to fly in Spain?

You must contact to our Civil Aviation Authorities at:

Postal Address:

Ministerio de Fomento

Dirección General de Aviación Civil

Subdirección General de Control del Transporte Aéreo

(Carlos Pérez Pérez) Servicio de Trabajos Aéreos y Aviación Deportiva

Paseo de la Castellana, Nº 67

28071 Madrid (España)

FAX: 34 915978665

eMail: Carlos Pérez - cpperez@fomento.es

sending the following documentation:


Insurance - At least European Coverties

(350.000€ third parties passenger - 950.000€ third parties not passenger)

Registration: Registration Certificate

Airworthiness: Airworthiness Certificate


Licence in force

Medical Certificate valid in your country

Explanations and recommendations to fly in spanish air space.

To fly an ultralight in Spain you must meet the following guidelines:

Never exceed 1000' AGL (Above Ground Level)

Never fly in controlled areas (TMA, CTR, ...)

Never overfly urban areas or conglomerate people

Never enter in P, D, R (unless you confirm you adapt to the restrictions issued in AIP-AIS).

There are many ultralight strips and airfields in Spain. Try to contact the owners or the airclubs before you go to any airfield. We (AEPAL) can help you to draw your optimal route and may help you to contact them for courtesy reasons. Remember you only may land in aerodroms or airports if they don't have controlled areas designated. We recomend you to use updated charts (ex. Jeppessen are fine).

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